About Misha …


Misha Harrison was born in Wollongong, NSW Australia in 1990.She studied fine arts at Wollongong TAFE before undertaking a Bachelor of Creative Arts, majoring in sculpture and textiles. She completed her degree in 2015 graduating within the top five precent of her faculty. In 2016, Misha completed her Honours degree, graduating in the first class. She has recently won the NAVA Graduating Student Award, the Hazelhurst Artist in Residence, the Liz Jeneid Textile Prize and was selected to exhibit in the North Sydney Art Prize in 2017. Throughout 2018  and 2019 Misha was the resident artist at the Barracks Studios in Thirroul. 

Misha is fascinated with the application and exploration of varied media. Her manipulation and investigation of different mediums combine both sculpture and painting practices - creating sculptural paintings that are motivated by process, form and material characteristics. 


Interested in both mundane and avant-garde materials, Misha’s art is a constant experimentation. Found cardboard, plywood, epoxy resin and wool are some of her mediums of choice. She transforms these materials through varied sculptural techniques: cutting, sanding, carving, pouring, mixing, deconstructing and assembling- methods that give these materials new life, forming a discourse between old/mundane and new/contemporary. Aesthetically speaking these experimental works all lead to different visual outcomes; some are bright and colourful others are dark and moody. Although experimentation and materiality are the key concepts to Misha’s work the colors and chosen process are inspired from different walks of her life. Whether it be the colours of her travels through India or a representation of the rock pools on a dark gloomy day; each work forms its own dialogue and visual language between artwork, artist and viewer.